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July Seminar – 8th and 9th July

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Kiama Seminar – Double Daggers & Kam Na

Dates: Saturday July 8th – Sunday July 9th
Time: Sat 9am-5pm (with lunch break)
Sun 8am-1pm (with party afterwards)

Location: Kiama Masonic Hall, 46 Collins Street

Price: $180 (includes daggers)

Curriculum: Seung Bei Sau (Double Daggers form) and Kam Na (grappling/joint locking) techniques.

While Choy Lee Fut is widely known for its long range, a lot of people aren’t aware of its extensive medium and short range fighting techniques. This seminar will introduce short-range Choy Lee Fut, both with and without weapons. For the third year in a row, we’re continuing the tradition of an annual winter weekend retreat where sister branches Choy Lee Fut Sydney and Illawarra Kung Fu train together under the teaching of Grand Master Chen Yong Fa’s Disciples Sifu Alan Baxter and Sifu Paul Nomchong.

To book, please reply to this email, or contact Sifu Alan by text on 0414 445 579.
To secure your place, a deposit of $50 is needed by 31st May.
Places are limited.

As ever, any questions, please call Sifu Alan on 0414 445 579 or email [email protected]

Term 2 and 3 class dates

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Here are the following start and finish dates for Term 2 2017:

Kids/Juniors Classes:
Term 2 ends Wednesday 28th June
Term 3 starts Wednesday 19th July

Adults Kung Fu:
Term 2 ends Wednesday 28th June
Term 3 starts Wednesday 19th July

Qi Gong/Tai Chi:
This term is a little different due to some unavoidable commitments. We will take a one week break on Monday 26th and Thursday 29th June, then return to regular classes during the school holidays, so Term 3 will be a longer term than normal.

As usual, any questions with this stuff, drop me an email or text on 0414 445 579