Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu is a complete fighting method and martial art. It is one of the most widely practiced kung fu styles inside and outside China today. It is well known for its speed and power, its smooth circular body movements and flexible footwork. Choy Lee Fut combines the powerful hand techniques characteristic of southern styles with the versatile kicks of the northern systems. It emphasises the intelligent use of strength and the combination of external force with internal will.

A Choy Lee Fut practitioner learns to use the body as one complete unit, by training a strong, stable but agile horse stance combined with fast and fluid hand and foot techniques. All punches, kicks, palms, knees and elbows follow the 8 directions of the Ba Gwa, which allows for all angles of attack and defence.

We teach classes every Monday and Wednesday. Students will practice techniques using pads and partner drills and learn the forms that comprise the Choy Lee Fut system. Starting with training forms, students will progress to dummy and weapon forms as they learn more.

In class students will learn:


* Self defence and awareness
* Strength, conditioning and flexibility

* Reflex and coordination training
* Shaolin stancework
* Shaolin animal training
* Traditional fist forms
* Traditional weapon forms
* Shaolin wooden dummy forms
* San Da sparring techniques and takedowns
* Kum Na grappling and joint lock techniques

and more.

Choy Lee Fut has a tradition deeply rooted within the martial arts of the Shaolin Temple. The Choy Lee Fut system has many forms, or set patterns of learning, and drills by which a student develops proficiency in the techniques of the system.




MONDAY & WEDNESDAY- 6.00 to 7.30pm, Kiama Masonic Hall, 46 Collins Street

Cost: $75 Annual insurance fee (pay on joining then each January) plus

$175 for a 10-class-pass (valid for 3 months from date of purchase)

(10 class pass Concession: $150)


$20.00 per class casual.

These are ongoing classes, with regular repeats and revisions – everyone welcome, beginner to advanced. Wear loose clothing, sneakers and bring a bottle of water and some kind of boxing wraps or pad gloves if you have them.

For KIDS CLASSES click here.


The practice of kung fu and chi kung is not just about self defence and living to a ripe old age. It is about living in the best possible physical shape, both inside and out, as well as in peak mental and emotional form.

When a person learns Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu they are beginning a journey. It is a journey that will enhance their lives in many ways. The study of kung fu develops strength, power and flexibility. It teaches practical self defence techniques and tournament fighting methods. More than this, the study of kung fu will also develop discipline, mental and physical balance and harmony and a profound sense of achievement and contentment. It is a many faceted art encompassing far more than fighting.

The couplet below was give to the Founder of Choy Lee Fut, Chan Heung, by the Shaolin monk Choy Fook:


“The dragon and tiger met as the wind and the cloud.
Disciples, you must take good care of your future.
Revive the arts of Shaolin,
And don’t let future generations forget them.”



These are the 10 rules of Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu as set out by the founder, Chan Heung. It’s important that all students read and understand these rules.

* Practice Choy Lee Fut everyday and do not forsake its way without reason.

* You should practice not only to improve your skill and body but also to develop a good and patient heart. Never use your skills to commit injustice or injury to others.

* You must pay utmost respect to your teachers and seniors.

* Pay your fellow classmates respect through trust, friendship and honesty. Do not bully them in any way.

* You are not to fight among your brothers and sisters of Choy Lee Fut and to prevent this, when in times of trouble, we use the tiger claw action as a sign that we are Choy Lee Fut practitioners.

* Do not drink alcohol and eat meat in excessive amounts. Alcohol takes away one’s sense of control and meat slows down the body. Therefore, the two taken excessively can damage your body and spirit.

* When practicing Choy Lee Fut, do not show others your skills without consideration, as it may cause trouble to yourself and to others. If you judge a person to be of good nature, then you may pass on your knowledge.

* Never misuse your skills on others or put yourself above them, as it only causes trouble. Practice kung fu to build a strong foundation for your body. Practice everyday and do not forsake its way.

* All of the above are rules that the founder wishes us to follow, so to disobey these is to go against his wishes.

* If you cannot abide by these rules, you may leave or, if you break them, then it is up to your Sifu’s discretion to assess your status within the school.

Only ever use the skills you learn for self-defence.