“Kung Fu is more than just fighting. It has been about strengthening my mind, balancing my emotions and making me stronger. Not just to take or give a punch, but to be more resilient, and versatile in my entire life. I would not be the person I am today without it. It taught me discipline, respect, patience and perseverance, it provided me with confidence, community and motivation. It helped me deal with any stresses I had, it helped me focus on my studies so I could maintain high grades, it provided me with a safe group of people I could talk to. At times it was all that kept me going- the thought of training, it would get me through the day, and the day after, until it was time for the next lesson. Whenever I felt lost it gave me purpose, when I felt weak it made me strong and when I was ready to give up it always helped me get back on my feet. For me it is not only a training class, but a self-fulfilment, to be taught under such a dedicated, amazing and continually inspiring master. I have been training for over a decade now and it is the proudest thing I have achieved in my life.” — Shanti (originally in Kids Kung Fu, now in the Adults class)


“Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu at the Illawarra Kung Fu Academy is more than just a martial art. It is a life time of physical and mental learning, growth and development. It is a lifestyle supported by a worldwide family. Sifu Alan and Si Jie Halinka have an unparalleled passion and knowledge of the art. It is without doubt one of the best things I have ever done. I can’t recommend it highly enough.” — Mick Grogan, Kung Fu student


“If you need more energy in your life I highly recommend Qi Gong. I started learning 18 months ago after a bout of Bell’s Palsy which left my system exhausted and my confidence was shot. The more I practice Qi Gong the more I want to keep doing it as my energy levels have improved and so has my confidence. It leaves you feeling great! Alan is a very experienced and patient teacher and I thoroughly enjoy every class.” — Vicki Walker, Lohan Qi Gong student


“Studying Lohan Qi Gong with Alan has improved my health, my strength, my balance, and my general confidence in life. It has given me a focus and greatly reduced my levels of stress. I can’t recommend these classes highly enough.” — John, Lohan Qi Gong student


“Excitement, tradition & energy all in one – our venue was a buzz! What a way to kick off Chinese New Year with the Lion Dance! Your professionalism in the lead up, and on the night were second to none. Handling the crowds, the different areas of our venue & our many enthusiastic patrons with ease. Brilliant! Highly recommend.” – The Shellharbour Club

“The performance was exceptional! I couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards. The whole team was professional and you worked extremely well with the Gallery’s limitations. Thank you to you and the team for such a memorable performance. We will be using you / recommending you for any future events!” — Wollongong Art Gallery

“The Illawarra Kung Fu lion dance team brought magic and excitement to our wedding with a wonderful performance. They were professional and considerate throughout. I recommend them highly.” — Sadie & Lee, Shellharbour