Kids classes are one hour long on Monday from 4.30 to 5.30 pm.

We cater for all ages between 5 and 14, with an emphasis on fun and discipline. Kids will learn the same Kung Fu techniques as taught in the Adult class, though some of the techniques are simplified.

Practical self -defence applications will be taught along with a strong grounding in how to avoid conflict in the first place.

Kids will develop confidence, discipline, focus, strength, flexibility and fitness while having a fun, active time of martial arts training. There is no contact between students in the Kids class.

Kids will learn techniques and forms from the Choy Lee Fut syllabus in a safe, fun, environment where discipline and concentration are encouraged. In the class, kids will progress to more advanced padwork in preparation for the adults class. Once they’ve learned the basics they will also learn long pole and sword techniques. For more information please see the Kung Fu page or feel free to use the Contact page if you have questions about any class.


In class KIDS will learn:

* Self defence and awareness
* Strength, conditioning and flexibility
* Reflex and coordination training
* Shaolin stancework
* Shaolin animal training
* Traditional fist forms
* Traditional weapon forms
* Shaolin wooden dummy forms
* Focus, discipline and determination
* Self-expression and self-confidence

These are ongoing classes, with regular repeats and revisions – everyone welcome, beginner to advanced. Wear loose clothing, sneakers and bring a bottle of water.