We’re running the Chi Kung Stick Exercise seminar again at the Kiama Mind Body Spirit Centre on Saturday March 2nd, from 9am until 12 noon, and there are still a couple of places left if you’re quick. Anyone is welcome, whether you’ve studied extensively or not at all.

This is a series of gentle physical, stretching and breathing exercises which are excellent for posture and spine health and excellent for the prevention and treatment of neck, shoulder and back pain. If you’ve done the seminar before, come along for a refresher or, if you missed it last time, now’s your chance to learn this great system. It’s open to anyone, whether you’re a student of the academy or not and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done any tai chi or chi kung before. So do come along if you can and please let anyone know if you think they might be interested.

The art of Chi Kung (Qi Gong) is an ancient method of health and wellbeing, combining body movements and breathing techniques to build a healthy body and a calm mind.

Within the Lohan Chi Kung system is a series of exercises using a long pole, designed to greatly improve physical condition, balance, mental focus and breath control. Excellent for prevention and treatment of back, neck and shoulder pain.


This three hour seminar with International Master, Sifu Alan Baxter, will teach all aspects of the Lohan Chi Kung Stick Exercise method.

High quality poles will be supplied and included in the seminar price for people to take home.



When: Sat. 2nd March, 2013, 9.00 am till 12 noon

Cost: $65 per person (includes a high quality oak pole to take home)

If you already have a pole, you can pay a reduced fee of $45 and bring your own pole.

Contact the Centre or Sifu Alan with any questions and to book your place:

KMBSC – 4232 4200      SIFU ALAN – 0414 445 579