Kung Fu & Tai Chi Class

Significant Dates, 2nd Half of 2013

We apologise, but due to unavoidable circumstances, there are two weeks in July where there will be no classes. Please note the following holiday dates:

Winter School Holidays:

Mon 1st July to Sun 7th July – NO CLASSES

Mon 1st July to Sun 14th July – NO KIDS CLASSES

Extra week holidays:

Mon 22nd July to Sun 28th July – NO CLASSES

Spring School Holidays:

Mon 23rd Sept to Sun 29th Sept – NO CLASSES

Mon 23rd Sept to Sun 6th Oct – NO KIDS CLASSES

End of year:

All Classes will end for the year on Fri 20th Dec

Adult classes will resume on Mon 20th Jan 2014

Kids classes will resume on Mon 3rd Feb 2014

We aim to have a Qi Gong/Tai Chi seminar in September.

We aim to have the next Kung Fu Grading towards the end of October.

We will run another Kung Fu Seminar during November.

Any queries with any of the above:

Call Alan on 0414 445 579

or email [email protected]