Christmas party and class dates

Christmas party and class dates

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Well, we’re fast approaching the end of another year. We’ve had some great advances this year, several adults, juniors and kids in the Kung Fu classes getting to their green sash level. Adult Kung Fu and Tai Chi numbers have dropped a bit in the last couple of months though. Of course, everyone is busy, and life gets in the way, but if you’ve been missing classes, we’re still here and training hard. Also, please do mention all our classes to any family, friends and colleagues who you think will be interested. Word of mouth is by far the best kind of advertisement we can get and we need to keep our numbers up to survive. And we’d love to see all you folks back in class whenever you can make it. Remember, training occasionally is better than not training at all!

And to celebrate this year’s hard work, there’s a Christmas party to go to. With the new baby, we haven’t been able to organise anything locally his year, but the usual Christmas bash at the HQ School in Sydney is happening and all past and present students and their partners and family are welcome. Here’s the note from the HQ School with the details:

Celebrate a hard year’s training!

You are invited to the Sydney Choy Lee Fut Christmas Party! This day will be a great opportunity to come together as one big extended family to mingle, relax, eat, drink and also enjoy a little entertainment.
Similar to our Open Days we have had in the past, we will kick start with a Lion Dance, then move on to some demonstrations, afterwards comes the food!
Please bring a plate of food (drinks will be provided).
12pm – 2pm @ the Chinatown HQ School, upstairs at 15 Goulburn Street, Sydney.
Group Photo @ 1pm
We welcome all past and present members from all Sydney schools and branches!


If you come along, wear your Illawarra Kung Fu Academy t-shirt to identify where you’re from and for the group photo.

We finish classes for the year and restart in 2014 as follows:

All Classes will end for the year during the week ending on Fri 20th Dec

Adult Kung Fu classes will resume on Mon 20th Jan 2014

Kids and Juniors classes will resume on Mon 3rd Feb 2014

Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes will resume on Mon 13th Jan 2014

If you have any questions about anything related to classes, give me a shout on 0414 445 579. I hope you all have a very happy holiday season and may the new year bring all your wishes with it.

Best regards

Sifu Alan and Si Jie Halinka
Illawarra Kung Fu Academy

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