School holidays are fast approaching again, so please note the following dates for class closures and restarts.


The last class will be Wednesday 25th June, 2014. Classes will resume on Monday 14th July.


Last class will be Thursday 26th June. Monday class will resume on Monday 7th July. Thursday class will resume on Thursday 17th July. My apologies for this, but I will be out of town on the 10th.


Classes will continue as normal, with no break.

With regard to classes, we would greatly appreciate it if you could help us spread the word about our school. Life gets in everyone’s way and it can be hard to make it class regularly, but even if you can’t get along, please encourage and friends, family and colleagues who you think might be interested to try out a class. Word of mouth is the best advertising around. If you already know how good our classes are and you recommend them to other people, you’re doing us a favour that we simply can’t buy. And we’re very grateful for it.