Kiama June Fan Seminar

Dates: Saturday June 25th 9am to 5pm, and Sunday June 26th 9am to 1pm.

Location: Kiama, jointly hosted by Illawarra Kung Fu and Choy Lee Fut Sydney

Taught by: Sifu Alan Baxter & Sifu Paul Nomchong

Topics: Another rare chance to learn a fighting weapon form, we will be going through the Two Person Fan Form (including some basics of the fan as a Choy Lee Fut weapon). As always we’ll be doing some practical fighting San Da applications and training as well at the start of each day.

Pricing: $180 (includes fan and buffet lunch on Sunday)

Reservations: Bookings and a $50 deposit are essential. The first 10 people to pay a deposit will get the limited edition fan with the “Choy Lee Fut” characters.
To enquire, email [email protected]