Please note all the finish and restart dates for classes, and other events surrounding the Easter break. Firstly, here are the relevant class dates:

Adults Kung Fu Classes

These classes will continue throughout the Easter holidays with one exception – NO CLASS on Easter Monday, April 22nd.

Kids Kung Fu Classes

Last class for Term 1 – Monday 8th April

First class back in Term 2 – Monday 29th April

Qi Gong/Tai Chi Classes

Last class for Term 1 – Friday 12th April

First class back in Term 2 – Monday 29th April

PLEASE NOTE: The last Monday of term, Monday 8th April, Qi Gong will start at 9.30, not 9.00am. All other times remain the same.

Kung Fu gradings

There will be a grading for any kids who are ready to grade during the last class of Term 1. Please talk to Sifu Alan about whether your child is ready to grade or not.

The Adults Kung Fu grading will be on Saturday May 11th from 9.00am until 12 noon. Please double check with Sifu Alan if you’re unsure about any details relating to the grading.


Please remember that membership fees for the year are now overdue, so please settle up as soon as possible. Any problems, please have a chat with us about it. The fee is $75 per person.

That’s it for now. Please help us spread the word about our classes by telling family, friends, colleagues and class mates. Word of mouth is the best advertising we can get.

Alan and Halinka

Illawarra Kung Fu Academy