The NSW government has announced that we can train in class again as from June 13th, but with some restrictions still in place. Specifically:

The social distancing of 4 square metres per person and remaining 1.5m apart still applies. Most of our classes usually have 10 or less students, so the limit shouldn’t be a problem. Our venues also allow more than 10 people given the available space, so distancing is also covered.

For classes with more than 10 registered students, I will be contacting people over the next week or two to discuss. If you don’t hear from me, come along to class!

Here are some other practices we’ll follow in class regardless of numbers to keep everyone safe:

1. If you are sick in any way, please don’t come to class.
2. If you become sick and you’ve previously been to class, please let us know asap.
3. PARENTS please don’t stay during the kids class, in order to reduce overall numbers in the hall. You’re welcome to remain outside and socialise there, or go to the park, etc. Then you can return just before 5 to collect.
4. KUNG FU – there will still be no padwork or partner drills for the immediate future. We’ll concentrate on forms, single drills, weapons, etc. There is plenty to do without needing to partner up.
5. All students will be temperature checked on arriving at class. If you show a temperature over 37.5 we will have to ask you to leave until next time.
6. Hand sanitiser and alcohol wipes will be provided on site.

The measures above have been discussed and agreed upon by the Choy Lee Fut management group for all our schools and classes.

Also, please note that as per my last email, fees from now on (once all existing payments have been used) will be:

Annual insurance: $75 per person.

Children’s Kung Fu:
10 class pass: $120
Single class rate: $15

Adults’ Kung Fu:
10 class pass: $175
10 class pass Concession: $150
Single class rate: $20

Qi Gong/Tai Chi:
10 class pass: $150
Single class rate: $20

All adult passes will be valid for 10 classes or three months, whichever comes first.
All kid passes will be valid for 10 classes or two terms, whichever comes first.
We would strongly prefer the use of passes over single class payments (to reduce the impact of bank fees on us) and we strongly prefer bank transfer or tap payments to cash (to reduce our overall handling of cash).

Of course, we are happy to discuss any of these issues or any other concerns you might have. Give me a call or reply to this email.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience during this strange time. Hopefully we can all slowly and safely get back to something like normal. We look forward to seeing everyone in class again soon.