Apologies for not communicating sooner, but we’ve been watching the development of restrictions and trying to figure out the best way forward. Sadly, given all the variables and the fact that a large proportion of students in all our classes either live or work in the red zones, we’ve decided to continue suspending classes until the end of July. This is incredibly frustrating, but we need to do all we can to stem this outbreak and while we technically could run classes in Kiama and Jamberoo, it would be difficult. Not only the geographic issue mentioned above, but also the need for greater social distancing and masks inside makes teaching and training problematic.

I’m really hoping the restrictions are at least eased a bit for our region at the end of July. If not, we may look at this again and consider some kind of limited class, but for the moment, we’ll simply stay on hiatus. With any luck, classes can kick off again on August 2nd. Fingers crossed!

Any questions, give me a shout any time. Meanwhile, my apologies, and try your best to train at home in the meantime.


Alan and Halinka