Following the announcement today that restrictions are going to be extended for another month, we have to adapt with how we’re dealing with things. I really hoped a month off would result in restrictions easing, but we can’t afford to take any more time off and I’m sure you’re all keen to resume training to some degree.

So, as from next Monday, August 2nd, we will resume our normal class schedule, but with the following restrictions in place:

– If you live or work in the red zone (Sydney, Shellharbour or Wollongong LGA) I’m afraid you cannot attend class. I’m really sorry about this, but the guidelines are currently inflexible on this point. It’s especially frustrating for the Shellharbour LGA, but it’s out of our control.

Otherwise, for people who haven’t visited any of the red zones, the following restrictions apply:

Qi Gong on Monday morning and Thursday evening in Kiama will resume. We have to follow 4 square metre distancing, so numbers are restricted, but at this stage that shouldn’t be an issue. Class will be for 1 hour duration. MASKS will have to be worn throughout class.

Kids Kung Fu will resume on Mondays from 4 to 5pm. We have to follow 4 square metre distancing. MASKS will be worn by all instructors throughout class, and any parents or carers during drop-off and pick-up must wear a mask. We would encourage parents and carers not to stay for class, but you’re welcome to wait outside the main hall.

Adult kung fu will resume on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Classes will be shorter than usual, probably finished by 7.30 at the latest. We have to follow 4 square metre distancing. MASKS will have to be worn by everyone throughout class. There will be no contact drills or padwork during this time, so we’ll focus on forms and combo training.

The 4 square metre rule and masks requirement is mandated by NSW Health, so this isn’t something we can change. I recognise that training with a mask on is far from ideal, but these are strange times.

Any queries, please get in touch. All the best, and stay safe everyone.