This is to let you know about all the finish and restart dates for classes around term 3 and 4 for 2022. Unfortunately there’s also information about a fees increase. I’ve held this off as long as possible, but costs are rising too much. More on that below. Firstly, here are the relevant class dates:

Adult Kung Fu Classes
Continue as usual.
Adult Kung Fu grading will be on Saturday 22nd October at 9am.

Kids Kung Fu Classes
Last class for term 3 – Monday 19th September (and grading for those who are ready)
First class back in term 4 – Monday 10th October

Qi Gong/Tai Chi Classes
Last class for term 3 – Thursday 22nd September – despite the sudden Public Holiday, this class will go ahead
First class back in term 4 – Monday 10th October

Sadly, costs are rising. Some of the rents I pay have gone up, insurance fees have gone up, etc., not to mention general expenses like petrol for getting around. So unfortunately, I’m finally at a place where I need to pass some of that on. Fees have remained the same for some time and hopefully these small increases will not be too brutal. As from Term 4 fees will be as follows:

Adult Kung Fu: 10 Class Pass $175 / $20 casual

Kids Kung Fu: 10 Class Pass $150 / $20 casual

Qi Gong: 10 Class Pass $175 / $20 casual

Membership/insurance fees for the year will remain at $75 per person, payable before the end of February each year.

That’s it for now. Please help us spread the word about our classes by telling family, friends, colleagues and class mates. Word of mouth is the best advertising we can get.

Thank you, and see you at class.